Jonah Gilmore is a Professional Photographer, Cinematographer & Art Director who has been shooting professionally for over 10 years. 

Jonah has been published in numerous magazines throughout the Country as well as Internationally. He is among the top photographers in the Country and has a very diverse portfolio and client base, shooting fine art, advertising, lifestyle, fashion, events, corporate & executive projects, video, as well as having a portrait & wedding background. 

Jonah grew up in The Northwest, Oregon & Washington State, and moved to Southern California in 2007 to shoot advertising, Fashion & Lifestyle, and then to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in 2011.

Jonah's teaching style:
There is no learning or creation without experimentation. 
Since everyone has their own learning style, or way they learn, he adapts the instruction to fit what you need, giving you the tools & information you need to teach yourself, experiment & try out things and ideas hands on. 

There is no stupid question, Visualization, creativity, abstract thought, it is a casual & fun learning environment where you should feel free to ask questions and try new things while you figure out what works and what doesnt, and what makes one method better than another.

A couple of the fundamental subjects that you will experiment with is composition and "seeing the light". Without light there would be no photograph, and by seeing the light, or lack of light as the case may be, you will better understand what makes a good photograph that will be appreciated and remembered.

While there are specific & important rules to good photography, photography is a very personal thing, Jonah encourages you to find your own subject, your own passion and express that in the best way possible.

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